We are Simplica

We provide our clients with cloud and software solutions that extend the power of LabWare LIMS inside and outside of your organization.

About us

Simplica Corporation was founded in 1999 on the basic premise that in the IT world simple is better. We are a global team of highly dedicated individuals with a passion for our work, and we believe cloud and mobile technologies are fundamentally changing the world's computing platform. Solutions that are easy-to-use and simple to administer are going to win over those that aren't.

We provide our clients with trainings services that help them deliver business results quickly.

  • Cloud solutions
  • Software solutions
  • Professional support
  • Architecture
  • Development

LabWare and Simplica history

Simplica has been a partner with LabWare since 2002 when we helped develop the first web version of LabWare LIMS. Since then, Simplica has played an integral role in the software development of all of the web versions of LabWare LIMS, including the industry-leading LabWare web interfaces.

In 2008, we made our first custom web portal interface for LabWare which eventually evolved into our off-the-shelf Sample Wizard product. Sample Wizard builds on Simplica's unique LabWare LIMS expertise to deliver an innovative alternative user experience for non-lab users and includes professional services and support.

We launched the Simplica Cloud in 2016 and LabWare chose us as their cloud partner in 2018 when they introduced their QA/QC and Grow SaaS offerings. In addition to hosting LabWare's SaaS products, Simplica offers dedicated hosting environments direct to LabWare customers. Plus if you are a Sample Wizard customer, you now have the choice of running Sample Wizard on-premise or in the Simplica Cloud.

In summary, our deep roots with LabWare uniquely position Simplica to offer unmatched expertise to LabWare customers.

Customer solutions examples for LabWare users

Public Facing Applications

Sometimes users outside the enterprise need to interact with LabWare LIMS. For example a contract lab might need its own customers to log samples, check status and get results. For an off-the-shelf customer LIMS portal - check out our new Sample Wizard.

Cloud Hosting of LIMS

Simplica offers dedicated LabWare environments in the Simplica Cloud and can handle all of the infrastructure details for you. This means you can focus on what you do best - running your lab.

Non-Lab User Interfaces

LIMS is generally for mainstream lab personnel, but in some situations, infrequent users need to interact with LIMS. The web is a perfect vehicle for users, and Simplica can design simplified, easy-to-use interfaces, such as step-by-step wizards, for most any LabWare module.

Enterprise Application Integration

Business software systems are expected to interconnect and share information. Service-oriented architectures (SOAs) provide the fabric for applications to work together. Simplica has in-depth knowledge of web services and other system-to-system connectivity to LabWare LIMS.