Sample Wizard interactive web portal for Labware LIMS

Our Sample Wizard team will work with you to create the LabWare LIMS web portal that is right for your business, whether it's oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, construction, food and beverage, or any other.

Simplify sample submission, tracking, results

Until now, users outside the lab have had to manually input and share data via clunky spreadsheets, fax and email.
Harnessing the power of web technologies, Simplica has designed an off-the-shelf web portal that extends LabWare outside the lab so anyone can easily enter samples, search, track data, and view results on any device with a browser.

Sample Wizard 3 is here!

Your web portal for LabWare is now more powerful and full featured than ever before. Also, your customers or departments outside the lab have more options than ever.

What is new in version 3

  • New modules: Reports, Skins, Translation
  • More modern look and feel
  • Improved responsiveness for cross-device support
  • New and improved configuration tools
  • Native web language support (HTML, JS and CSS)

Main features overview


Track sample and project status, get messages and monitor system metrics


Find, view and download samples and test results


Custom step-by-step sample submission


Generate and download your own reports


Change color scheme as per your own branding


Internationalize your content


Configure pages, widgets, tables, forms, filters and more


Manage users, roles and security settings

Available on Simplica Cloud

Let the Simplica team handle all the details in Simplica Cloud. You just focus on achieving your business goals while we provide the security and availability of your custom application.

Sample Wizard has real-time integration with LIMS and utilizes the same architecture and technology as LabWare’s web products.
Because it shares the same database with LIMS, Sample Wizard can access records configured and used by the LabWare system including templates, reports, analyses and more.
Users can log in directly with their LabWare credentials, can be set up with separate Sample Wizard credentials, can use an external identity management system or directory or use Single Sign-On (SSO) and not have to log in at all.

Try out Simplica`s custom apps

When out of the box apps don't suit your needs, our custom solutions will.

Simplica not only offers popular out-of-the-box apps for LabWare but also custom software solutions designed to suit your specific needs. We use the latest technologies to create zero-footprint, cross-browser apps that provide a rich user experience.

Our custom solutions are designed to run on your own infrastructure or anywhere in the internet cloud.

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Understand how non-laboratory users such as scientists, field engineers, managers and sales professionals can very easily submit samples and then get the corresponding test results.


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