Custom web app development services

Propel your enterprise forward

In the realm of digital transformation, your business demands an enterprise application as unique as your challenges and opportunities.

At Simplica, we specialize in custom web app development that transcends the one-size-fits-all approach. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to cater to the distinct needs of diverse industries, ensuring your digital platform is not just a tool but a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Why Simplica?

Three reasons to work with us

We write less code

Where other custom app developers will create an entire application from scratch, our years of experience have allowed us to develop many pre-built and very flexible modules for common web application components.

These modules have been proven secure and scalable in production environments and include components such as user administration, analytics, dashboards, theming, messaging, internationalization, and more.

We can host your custom application

In addition to developing your application, we can also host it for you in our cloud. Simplica Cloud is powered by Amazon Web Services and is backed by Simplica’s 24/7 monitoring and support team.

This combination gives you a one-stop shop from application design to production launch to ongoing operations.

We have a proven process

Our approach is collaborative and thorough. We start by listening to you and working with you to understand your challenges and business goals in depth. Then, we use strategic planning to meticulously implement a custom web application for your unique specifications.

From the initial concept to post-launch, this spirit of partnership ensures that your digital solution surpasses your expectations.

Accelerated web development

In the digital age, agility and adaptability define the success of web applications. At Simplica, we've refined our technology strategy around the Simplica Web Platform to deliver custom web solutions that not only meet today's business challenges but are poised for tomorrow's opportunities.

Our platform's foundation is designed for scalability, security, and exceptional performance, serving as the bedrock for developing tailored solutions that precisely align with your project's unique requirements.

Rapid development with pre-built modules

Our innovative approach to web development means we write less code and deliver solutions faster. By harnessing a suite of pre-built, flexible modules, we provide components like user administration, analytics, dashboards, and translations, ensuring secure and scalable solutions.

This modular architecture enables rapid customization, allowing us to swiftly adapt and implement features that cater specifically to your needs, drastically reducing development time.

Integrated custom web development
and cloud solutions

We're excited to elevate our service offerings by seamlessly integrating our custom web development services with Simplica Cloud's robust managed cloud solutions. Simplica Cloud harnesses the power of AWS to provide a secure, powerful, and scalable environment for all your custom-developed applications.

Custom development meets cloud excellence
Develop your custom applications with us and enjoy the seamless transition to the cloud, leveraging the Simplica Cloud's full potential without the hassle of doing it yourself.
Scalability and global reach
With AWS's infrastructure, we offer limitless scalability and a broader global presence, ensuring your applications can grow with your business.
Security and reliability
Benefit from dedicated, isolated environments for each customer, enhanced with the latest firewall technology and network gear.
Managed services
Enjoy comprehensive managed services that include regular maintenance, updates, monitoring, and 24/7 support, ensuring your applications run smoothly and efficiently.

Let Simplica be the backbone of your digital strategy, supporting your custom web applications with unparalleled managed cloud services.

Our expertise

Innovative enterprise web applications

The backbone of our custom web development service is our expertise in a broad spectrum of modern technologies and our proprietary Simplica Web framework.

This unique combination allows us to develop enterprise applications with powerful capabilities.

At Simplica, we're not just developers.
We're your partners in digital transformation.

Make complex web technologies accessible with user-friendly designs, ensuring ease of use without compromising on your app’s functionality.
Protect your data and your customers' data with robust security measures built into your web solution.
Stay ahead of the curve with web applications that leverage the latest in web technology and design trends.

Grow your platform as your business expands, without sacrificing performance.

Our approach

Our approach begins with a thorough understanding of your business goals, followed by the strategic planning and implementation of tailored web applications.

From initial concept through launch and beyond, our team works closely with you to ensure your digital solution not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Discover how Simplica can transform your business landscape with custom web development tailored just for you.

Ready to transform your digital presence?

Discover how our custom web app development services can elevate your business. Connect with us to explore a solution tailored just for you.


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