Managed cloud services for LabWare LIMS
with Simplica Cloud

A full-featured solution to meet enterprise-scale needs

Your evolving LabWare LIMS demands an enterprise-level cloud solution. At Simplica, we build an unmatched cloud experience that has crafted a robust foundation with world-class infrastructure.

As a fully managed cloud provider, we tailor the details of your infrastructure making it simple and adapted to your distinct business goals.

You have come to the right place - our managed cloud services for LabWare reign supreme.


Managing your LabWare LIMS infrastructure is a challenging task, particularly for a secure enterprise-scale deployment. The process demands significant expertise across a variety of domains: engineering, business continuity, security, monitoring, support, maintenance, and scaling.

Prioritize your business with Simplica Cloud

At Simplica, there are no trade-offs, just streamlined solutions. With our Managed Cloud Services you will experience the convergence of two of your enterprise-level priorities - critical expertise and world-class infrastructure. Now, combined with the power of AWS, you can experience both tailored scalability and full cloud solution management with Simplica Cloud.

No one else can do what we do. Simplica Cloud is the ONLY provider of a full service cloud solution for your LabWare LIMS. We provide all the components you need to maintain your LIMS at optimum performance and to keep your data safe and available. Furthermore, our solution is flexible as well as optimized for your evolving business needs.

Our expertise

Ingrained familiarity with LabWare LIMS

Experience collaboration with Simplica, the premier cloud technology partner of LabWare LIMS. Our decades of work with LabWare equip our team with a profound, unparalleled skill for the ecosystem.

We leverage this skill to build you cloud solutions that go beyond ordinary hosting or IaaS offerings. With our fully managed services, Simplica Cloud promises benefits that can take your laboratory to flexible, enterprise-scale heights.

Explore the history of our partnership with LabWare - Partnership in Innovation

Managed Cloud Services benefits

We solve complex problems

Your business has its own unique needs and you need a cloud solution that aligns and contributes to your success. We can help with complex needs such as:

  • Multiple locations
  • Interconnectivity
  • Hybrid deployments
  • Data transfer
  • Corporate and public access
  • Instrument integration

We listen and collaborate

You will work with a team of experts who will listen to you and collaborate with you to discover solutions that optimize your business goals.

  • 24/7 support
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • 24/7 security operations center

We provide what you need

Our Cloud Pro for LabWare is a fully managed cloud solution. Every Cloud Pro solution includes

  • Interfacing with LabWare support
  • Change management and Scheduled maintenance
  • Multi-region backups
  • Fully prepared business continuity plan
  • Environments engineered specifically for LabWare

We keep you secure

And, of course, state of the art, world class security.

  • 24/7 security operations center
  • Security and event information management
  • Intrusion detection and antivirus
  • Data encryption
  • VPN connectivity
  • DMZ public access

The features

Simplica Cloud customers enjoy these features

Presence in both Europe and North America
Dedicated single-tenant environments
Complete multi-tier environments
Choice of
database vendor
Flexible security
(VPN, 2-factor auth)
Customer site
instrument integration
Publish web service
for 3rd-party systems

Ready to scale to new heights?

Discover how Simplica Cloud can lead your business into a new age of success. Experience managed cloud services that are optimized to surpass your enterprise-level goals.


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