LabWare solutions by Simplica

Pioneering innovation in LabWare LIMS integration

At Simplica, we reach beyond traditional laboratory boundaries with visionary LabWare LIMS solutions. Our decades of innovation in web and cloud technologies enable unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and security in laboratory operations.

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, including managed cloud environments and web portal solutions, designed to elevate LabWare LIMS beyond its core laboratory functions.

Our expertise: a legacy of excellence & partnership

One-of-a-kind LabWare partnership

Since 2002, Simplica has been at the forefront of web technology for LabWare LIMS. Our enduring partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration in the laboratory space.

Discover our journey of collaboration and technological advancement with LabWare LIMS.

Our LabWare solutions

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Powered by AWS

Managed cloud services

Seamlessly traverse growth and scalability with a fully managed cloud provider

Prioritize your laboratory efficiency and allow our specialized 24/7 teams to handle your infrastructure and crucial cloud components. By harnessing the power of AWS, we provide you the experience of both incredible scalability and full cloud solution management.

Sample Wizard Web Portal

Revolutionizing sample management outside the lab

The Sample Wizard Web Portal offers an intuitive platform for external users to submit samples, track progress, and access results from any device. This groundbreaking tool represents our commitment to simplicity and innovation, providing industry-specific solutions that enhance operational efficiency and data management.

Custom Web Portals

Tailored Solutions for Unmatched Efficiency

Elevate your laboratory's performance with Simplica’s Custom Web Portals, leveraging the power of the Sample Wizard to meet your unique business needs. Our bespoke portals offer unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and integration capabilities, ensuring your laboratory remains at the cutting edge of technology and efficiency.
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Collaborate with Simplica

Charting the course to laboratory excellence

Our depth of expertise in LabWare LIMS positions us to guide your laboratory to new heights of innovation and success. From strategic alignment through agile development to ongoing support, we offer a partnership that transforms challenges into opportunities for growth.

Discover the process

Simplica has been a key technology partner since 2002. They provided important web expertise in the engineering of our new LabWare 8 products. Simplica also delivers specialized web solutions extending the LabWare platform for our customers.

Vance Kershner, LabWare CEO

Set the pace for your future lab ambitions.

Witness the synergy in real time with a Sample Wizard demo, or learn more about our custom portal solutions.


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