Sample Wizard Web Portal for LabWare LIMS. Revolutionizing laboratory operations.

Effortless sample tracking for your customers, patients, and other users

Transform your laboratory's data management and sample tracking capabilities with the innovative Sample Wizard Web Portal, designed exclusively for LabWare LIMS.

This advanced customer portal simplifies the complexity of laboratory operations, offering a seamless and integrated experience for users across devices.

Sample Wizard advantages

Seamless sample tracking

The Sample Wizard Web Portal revolutionizes the way samples are managed within the LabWare LIMS system. It offers:

  • Real-time visibility
    Track samples from submission through analysis with unparalleled accuracy and ease.
  • Efficient sample management
    Streamline the entire sample lifecycle, reducing manual errors and saving valuable time.

User-friendly customer portal

Our portal is built with the end-user in mind, featuring:

  • Intuitive interface
    A clean and straightforward layout allows users of all technical levels to navigate and manage tasks effortlessly.
  • Accessible anywhere
    Whether in the lab or on the go, access your data and manage samples from any device, ensuring critical information is always at your fingertips.

Integration with LabWare LIMS system

Achieve a higher level of operational efficiency with a portal that’s fully integrated with your LabWare LIMS, providing:

  • Unified systems
    A cohesive platform that enhances data management and accessibility, eliminating silos and fostering collaboration.
  • Customizable solutions
    Tailored to fit the unique needs of your laboratory, ensuring that your specific data management and sample tracking requirements are met.

What's new in Sample Wizard 3

Your LabWare LIMS web portal is now more powerful and full-featured than ever before. Customers, patients, and departments outside your lab can access a greater abundance of options than ever before, with:

  • New modules: Including Reports, Skins, Translation expanding functional capabilities.
  • Sleek design: A polished look and enhanced cross-device support ensure a consistent, responsive experience.
  • Advanced configuration tools: Empower users to customize their portal experience with greater ease.
  • Native Web Language Support: Ensures a robust foundation for future-proofing the portal with support for native web languages (HTML, JS, and CSS)

Features overview


Track sample and project status, get messages and monitor system metrics


Find, view and download samples and test results


Custom step-by-step sample submission


Generate and download your own reports


Change color scheme as per your own branding


Internationalize your content


Configure pages, widgets, tables, forms, filters and more


Manage users, roles and security settings

Our expertise

As LabWare's premier development and hosting partner, Simplica brings over two decades of unmatched expertise to your Sample Wizard project.

Our deep understanding of LabWare LIMS, combined with our innovative approach to web portal development, ensures a solution that's not just effective but also precisely tailored to meet your laboratory's needs.

I believe we not only met and exceeded our client's expectations but were able to build a stronger relationship by working with Simplica.

Cary Forgeron, General Manager at Analysts Inc.

Integration with Simplica Cloud

Elevate your Sample Wizard experience with Simplica Cloud. Our managed cloud services simplify infrastructure setup and deployment, ensuring your LabWare applications are supported by a robust, scalable cloud environment.

Simplica Cloud

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