Cloud-ready Sample WizardTM for COVID-19

The novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic has already had an unprecedented impact on the modern world. It is clear the path to overcoming this crisis involves significantly increased testing to assist medical professionals and government officials to make informed decisions about individual treatment strategies and public health policy.

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We Have a Key Part of the Solution

A key bottleneck in performing the necessary COVID-19 testing in high volumes is collecting the basic patient information for each sample electronically instead of using paper forms and handwritten labels. Simplica is offering a preconfigured portal solution based on its Sample Wizard platform. This solution is specifically designed to help commercial and public health labs streamline and automate the electronic capture of patient and sample information for COVID-19 testing.

How it Works


Custom Wizard Steps

We customize the wizard steps for each lab so they can collect the exact patient information needed for that lab’s testing

Specific URL Wizard Access

Each lab gets a special web address (URL) which will access their specific wizard

Online Sign-up

Medical professionals who will be collecting samples sign-up online and are approved by the lab

Step-by-step Wizard

For each patient tested, information is entered online in an easy step-by-step wizard and a sample label is printed with a unique sample code to be sent to the lab with the sample

Cloud to Lab

Sample Wizard transmits this information via the cloud to the lab’s internal systems such as LabWare LIMS or via industry data transfer standards

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