Simplica to Launch Cloud-Ready Sample Wizard for COVID-19

WILMINGTON, Del. –– April 8, 2020 –– Simplica® today announced it is offering a solution specifically designed to help commercial and public health labs streamline and automate the electronic capture of patient and sample information for COVID-19 testing. The cloud-ready application is a preconfigured portal solution based on Simplica’s Sample Wizard™ platform. This portal will further the goal of significantly increasing testing to assist medical professionals and government officials in the fight against the pandemic.

Simplica hopes to play a role in overcoming this global crisis. Company founder and president, Marc Rabil explains: “Our Sample Wizard platform is a proven, off-the-shelf solution for easily collecting sample and patient information, interfacing with lab systems and providing real-time results. We expect this new offering will help alleviate bottlenecks in performing the necessary COVID-19 testing in the United States and around the world."

As a worldwide leader in interfacing to and extending laboratory systems such as LabWare LIMS, Simplica is in a unique position to accomplish this goal. The company operates its own cloud infrastructure which will host the new COVID-19 Sample Wizard solution. All testing information will be transmitted and collected securely in the Simplica Cloud and in compliance with industry security and privacy standards.

The new Sample Wizard for COVID-19 has been engineered to allow medical professionals to quickly and easily submit sample information for individual patients. The system can be easily customized to capture necessary patient and test information, allow medical professionals to accurately and easily track samples to specified labs, and transmit samples to a laboratory’s internal systems. Since Simplica is a HIPAA compliant organization, this is all done in a manner that is designed to protect patient privacy and to comply with FDA guidelines.

Simplica Corporation was founded in 1999 on the basic premise that in the IT world simple is better and solutions which are easy-to-use and simple to administer are going to win over those that aren’t. The company provides its clients with world-class cloud and software solutions that help them deliver business results quickly and cost-effectively. Simplica is experienced with the healthcare industry. Current customers who already use the Sample Wizard software or who host laboratory software on the Simplia Cloud include global healthcare leaders, public health labs, and major pharmaceutical manufacturers. For more information about Simplica please visit